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<h1>Felis catus (Sep 2011) cat (ICGSC Felis_catus 6.2/felCat5) genome assembly</h1>
The files listed below are formatted for visualization in the Integrated Genome
Browser, available from <a href=""></a>.
Annotation (bed) and alignment (psl) files (if available) were downloaded from the UCSC Genome
Bioinformatics Table Browser. Each file is named for its corresponding table in the
UCSC Genome database. See the <a href="annots.xml">annots.xml</a> meta-data file in
this directory for details.
Files with extension .gz were compressed and indexed using bgzip and
tabix tools from <a href=""></a>.
The file named F_catus_Sep_2011.2bit contains sequence data and is from the UCSC Genome
Bioinformatics Web site. To convert a .2bit to fasta, use twoBitToFa. The file
<a href="genome.txt">genome.txt</a> lists sequences and their sizes and was made from 
F_catus_Sep_2011.2bit sequence file using twoBitInfo.
Both twoBitInfo and twoBitToFa are
available from <a href=""></a>.
[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription
[PARENTDIR]Parent Directory  -  
[   ]F_catus_Sep_2011_refGene.bed.gz2023-06-16 14:19 25KData from UCSC refGene table
[   ]annots.xml2023-06-16 14:19 1.0KAnnotation and data file list
[   ]F_catus_Sep_2011_refGene.bed2023-06-16 14:19 59KAnnotation or junction file
[   ]F_catus_Dec_2008.2bit2023-06-16 14:19 786MSequence data in blat 2bit format
[   ]F_catus_Sep_2011_all_est.psl.gz.tbi2023-06-16 14:19 12KTabix index file
[TXT]genome.txt2023-06-16 14:19 112KChromosome lengths and assembly information
[   ]F_catus_Sep_2011_all_est.psl.gz2023-06-16 14:19 38KPSL (alignments) blat output file
[   ]F_catus_Sep_2011_all_mrna.psl.gz.tbi2023-06-16 14:19 25KTabix index file
[   ]F_catus_Sep_2011_refGene.bed.gz.tbi2023-06-16 14:19 7.3KTabix index file
[   ]F_catus_Sep_2011_all_mrna.psl.gz2023-06-16 14:19 191KPSL (alignments) blat output file
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